MUNDICENTER II – Management of Commercial Premises Plc (“Mundicenter”) guarantees respect for the privacy of the users of the Miradouro Amoreiras 360º Panoramic View website.

The current privacy policy aims to inform the user about the collection, processing and use of their personal data, as well as the rights that they hold regarding the same data, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of the 27th of April 2016 (“GDPR”).

This Privacy Policy is applied exclusively to Mundicenter websites, excluding third party websites, which may be accessible using links provided on our sites. The processing of personal data shared with third parties is not covered in this Privacy Policy. For this reason, we recommend that you read the privacy policies of these third parties before sharing any personal information.

Visiting the current website is not conditional on the registration of personal data that may identify the user. However, the use of certain content may entail the provision of personal data.


Mundicenter is the entity responsible for the collection and processing of the User’s personal data.

Personal data is collected from the user with their express consent, while indicating the end purpose and length of time for which the data is stored. This personal data will be processed or stored electronically by Mundicenter and the subcontractor entity, NETMAIS, with the aim of informing the user of activities, actions or other events in the Mundicenter world. The data is kept and used only for the time necessary, and in line with the consent GIVEN by the user.

Once the conservation period has ended or it has been used for the purpose for which they were collected, the personal data will be eliminated or converted into anonymised data.

Mundicenter commits to complying with the provisions of GDPR, as well as with other applicable legislation, namely not copying, reproducing, adapting, modifying, changing, deleting, destroying, distributing, transmitting, disseminating or in any way making available to third parties personal data that they have had access to, unless they have been expressly authorised to do this, committing to use the data exclusively for the purpose for which it was collected, without using it for any other purpose, whether for their own benefit, or that of third parties.


Pursuant to the 13th and subsequent articles of the Regulation, MUNDICENTER states that:

1 – MUNDICENTER II – The management of Commercial Premises Plc, legal entity no. 503 121 495, with its headquarters at Edificio Amoreiras Square, situated on Rua Sanches Coelho nº 3F, 1649-029 Lisboa, who can be contacted on the telephone no. 213 802 300 or the email address responsavel.rgpd@mundicenter.pt is responsible for the processing of personal data.

2 – The personal data collected will be used to elaborate responses to information requests, commercial requests and to communicate information on actions, events and promotions. The processing of the data will be limited to this purpose, except where the owner has expressly consented to the use of the data for other purposes;

3 – The data collected will be kept for the length of time necessary for its use, for the usage expressly referred to in point 2.

4 – The owner of the personal data may, at any time, exercise before MUNDICENTER, preferably via written communication sent to the email address marketing@mundicenter.pt or to the Mundicenter headquarters address identified above, the following rights:

a) The right to access their personal data made available through this document, as well as to consult, correct, update, delete or limit its processing;

b) The right to object to the processing of their data;

c) The right to the portability of their personal data;

d) The right to remove their consent regarding the processing of personal data set out in this document;

e) The right to lodge a complaint with the competent control authority in accordance with Portuguese law, to obtain from MUNDICENTER, for this purpose, the contact details of the same;

f) The right to obtain information from MUNDICENTER about the purposes of the processing of the data, the categories of data concerned, the identities of the recipients who the data will be disseminated to and the length of time for which the data will be kept or the criteria used to determine this length of time;

g) The right to be informed which data will be subject to processing and to obtain a copy of this data, with the copy provided in electronic format, unless the owner requests otherwise;

h) The right to obtain a correction of their personal data that is inaccurate from MUNDICENTER, or to complete their data;

i) The right to obtain the deletion of their data from Mundicenter (‘the right to be forgotten”) without any unjustified delay, obliging Mundicenter to delete their personal information, in particular when this constitutes compliance with a legal obligation, as well as in cases where the owner had objected to the respective treatment and/or had removed their previously given consent.


Mundicenter will not transmit the User’s personal data to third parties, except if:

a) They have received express consent to do so by the owner of the data.

b) The transmission is carried out as part of compliance with a legal obligation or to fulfil a court order.

c) The communication is carried out for a legitimate purpose set out in the law.


We have a technical team dedicated to managing the confidentiality and security of data.

Mundicenter adopts the measures at their disposal (security systems, rules and other procedures) to protect the user’s personal data against unauthorised access via the internet, as well as their dissemination, improper use, loss or destruction.

It is, however, the User’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment they use is adequately protected against harmful software and computer viruses, worms and/or malware.


The email address of the person in charge of the protection of data at Mundicenter is: responsavel.rgpd@mundicenter.pt


Mundicenter reserves the right, at any moment, to change, add to or revoke, partially or totally, the current Privacy Policy, without prior communication and with immediate effect.

Any changes will be immediately disseminated through this very online page.

If you have any questions or doubts about the processing of your personal data by Mundicenter, please contact us at:


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More information on cookies?
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The Wi-Fi network is an open and free network for the user, however, it does not offer safety standards for the circulation of data. The user declares that they are aware of the risk that their data in transit could be received by others that were not the original intended recipients, as they are responsible for protecting their own device against viruses and other undesired forms of access.

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